Your donations touch lives!

Donations received

Children recieving a FULL Christmas

Families receiving gift cards for food

The gift of Elves

We are blessed every year to work with our “gifted” elves- the people and businesses who graciously give of their time and their resources to allow us to provide a Christmas to kids and families.  I hope this provides a bit of insight into the goodness that comes forward from your generosity. 

Christmas, 2017 

In 2017, 99 children received a FULL CHRISTMAS along with 5  additional though unexpected kids.  (Not to worry, our Elves quickly gathered up a stuffed animal for each along with other fun stuff!)  While each child received a huge bag of gifts, each of the families was presented with a gift card for groceries at King Soopers or Walmart.

Yet, among the faces of those families are the stories that touch our hearts.  I hope this illustrates how profoundly every gift of generosity is able to blossom into a special life you may never know.

Before Christmas Eve, an Elementary School counselor contacted us to give Christmas to a 5th-grade girl whose shoes were so tight her toes were stuffed in them, and her clothes were a size too small.  The little girl also requested shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other toiletries.  Santa and I went to work downstairs in the Toy Shop and found lots of wonderful toys, clothes, and toiletries – along with a $50 King Soopers gift card – for the girl and her mom.  The counselor was given $150 cash to take the girl shopping for clothes and shoes and later, she e-mailed that when the girl came to school the Monday after her shopping spree with the counselor she held her head high and walked with confidence. 


Then that very same week before Christmas the Englewood Police Dept. requested Christmas for a 9 yr old girl whose dad drank all their Christmas away.  With the help of Elf Cindy (my neighbor sister), we again pulled together a wonderful array of toys, clothes, and books.  Dispatch later called me to say the whole police department together delivered the 30-gallon black trash bag full of Christmas to the little girl, and a $50 King Soopers gift card to her mom.  Wish we could have been there with them but because of the situation, we weren’t invited.


It is with great joy that we are able to see the magic of Christmas unfold for those that need it most, yet we realize that none of these stories and faces would be shared if not for the generous spirit and gifts from you!